Our Young People

Growing in God

We believe you're never too young to learn about God's love, so we run groups for children and young people of all ages, from those just learning to walk to those just learning to drive.

Our church is for all ages, but we know the younger members need their own space, so we worship as a whole church family for the first part of the service, then the children go to their age-appropriate groups in different parts of the school.

All members of our children and young people's ministry team have current DBS certificates and are committed to ensuring the children learn about Jesus in a safe, welcoming and fun environment.


For children up to the age of five

A Team is our group for the youngest members of CPC. Parents can come to church knowing they can relax while their little one is cared for during the service. But it's more than just a creche - we teach the children about Jesus in every session.


For children from Year 1 to 5

Kidzchurch is our high-energy group for primary school children. Each session is full of games, crafts, quizzes, drama, songs and storytelling (and biscuits), in a safe, welcoming environment. It's our aim to introduce children to God's love in a way that's always fun and relevant.


For young people in Years 6-9

As children grow, so should their faith. Q3 presents Bible study in a way that is relevant to the young person's life and which challenges them to to grow in faith. This is achieved through Bible based study mixed with games, puzzles and competitions. The group also encourage the young people to pray for their own needs and the needs of others.


For young people aged 14-18

This evening group bridges the gap between children's ministry and adult church. Through discussion and exploration of the Bible, the young people move into a faith which is fully their own.


Our Special Church group offers 1:1 support for children and young people to enable them to meet with God in a way that they enjoy. It takes place every other Sunday, during the service.