Our Story

A Brief History of CPCC

Anglicans and Baptists Working Together

It was a marriage made in heaven! Both St. Andrew's Parish Church and Gorleston Baptist had set their sights on developing work in the Cliff Park area. St. Andrew's had experimented with a Sunday School in the South Gorleston area in the early 1950s. Later a presence was established with a curate's house on the Cliff Park estate.

Gorleston Baptist starting looking southwards a few years later with an experimental service at the Cliff Park Middle School on Easter Sunday 1997. By this time the Rev. Paddy McGlinchey ( St. Andrew's assistant minister) was living on Cliff Park. When in January of that year he heard about the proposed service he approached the Baptist Minister, Richard Hughes, and the idea of the two churches planting a church together was born.

Members from both churches formed a core group who met, prayed and planned together. The project had the blessing of both churches and Cliff Park Community Church began life on December 9th 1999. Described as 'a new church for a new millennium' it broadcast live on Sunday January 2nd 2000 on BBC Radio Norfolk. A church which very much hit the ground running.

From the outset a combination of Bible-based modern worship and teaching has drawn a large congregation from a wide area. From day one children’s and youth work have played a vital role from groups for the youngest (known as A Team) and primary (Kidzchurch) followed by Q3 for those of high school age.

After three years Paddy McGlinchey moved on; his successor was the Rev Mike Simm, who led the church until March 2021.

A series of evening and day time house groups was established and continues to be an important part of church life.

The Alpha Course has given many the opportunities to explore the Christian faith and commitment. Coming from both Anglican and Baptist traditions Cliff Park offers infant baptism and confirmation alongside infant dedication and baptism by full immersion.

A more in-depth history has been researched and put together by CPCC member Dorothy McCabe and can be read here.