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We record each week's sermon, and you can download them by using the links below. Click on the bible verse to read the passage (this will take you to an external site).

Speaker: Bishop Alan

Speaker: Martin Wilkes

Easter Sunday - Heroes and Villains

Speaker: Jamie Wyllie

Speaker: Rev Canon Simon Ward

Speaker: Mike Simm

Keep Living by the Spirit

Sermon Series on Philippians

Starting 10th January 2021

In preparation for our new sermon series on Philippians why not listen to Hilary, Jamie and Ally as they read the whole of the book at once - as if it were a letter being read out to the church itself.

Hilary reads the NIV

Ally reads the ESV

Jamie reads NT Wright's “For Everyone” version.

For those unfamiliar with these different translations of bible, the ESV tries to be as close to a “word for word” translation as possible. This means it is perhaps closest to the ancient language used, and also least readable. Ally got the hard job!

The NIV tries to take a middle route balancing readability and closeness to the languages.

NT Wright is a New Testament scholar of great depth and renown. His translation seeks to stick closely to the original but to convey what he calls the “urgency” of the New Testament. He describes it as a “deliberately energetic” style whilst remaining wholly faithful to the original text. He is seeking a highly readable style and commends using his “for Everyone” version for what we have done here: reading aloud, a whole book at a time.

We hope you enjoy and are fed by God's Word as we were as we read it aloud!

Speaker: Martin Wilkes

Be Careful What you Build On

Speaker: Melody Stephens

Speaker: Martin Wilkes

Speaker: David Adams