Cliff Park Community Church

Approved by God Summer 2019

4th August   Rahab - God's Canaanite Prostitute   Joshua 2:1-24  Ali Roberts

Ali asked the congregation to look up bible verses and shout out answers to her questions, therefore, there are pauses in the talk whilst people are looking up the verses.  

28th July   Shpirah and Puah - God's Midwives    Exodus 1:1-22   Rev Mike Simm

21st July    Prize Giving Service   Matthew 7:21-28   (Rev Mike Simm)

14th July 2019   Baptism Service John 3:1-21   (Rev Mike Simm)

Living the Word: Reflecting God's Heart for His World

7th July   The End of Justice  Revelation 18:1-19:9   Rev Mike Simm

30th June - Putting It into Practice

As we continue to live out God's Word this year instead of simply reading it, we held seminars highlighting the need for Justice in our world.  Take a listen to Rev Matthew Price and Anna Heydon as they bring us insights into the justice system in Rwanda and modern day slavery here in the UK.

23rd June Matthew 25:31-46   Rev Mike Simm

2nd June Isaiah 1:10-20   Rev John Quinn

26th May   Deuteronomy 10:12-22   Rev Beth Powney

19th May  James 2:1-13   Alistair Wyllie Q3 Service